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Color Stain
Clinical Supervision, Consultations & Mentorship for therapist and wellness professionals

For the past 11 years, I have maintained a private practice in Boston, Massachusetts, and during the last 5 academic years, I have also served as an adjunct professor at Lesley University. My therapeutic approach is rooted in depth-oriented experiential therapy, with a specialization in addressing complex trauma, dissociation, and working with highly emotional, empath and/or sensitive individuals. I am deeply committed to decolonizing structural counseling techniques and approaches, with a central focus on re-humanizing the counseling profession through the application of inclusive cultural affirmative methods, rituals, and practices. I recognize the intricate interplay of my roles, position, and perspectives, acknowledging my transformative role as an intentional visionary, weaver, healer, gatherer, and disruptor.

  • I participate in BIPOC academic committees.

  • I participate in Native & Indigenous Circle of Support

  • Licensed psychotherapist in MA, ME, and

  • Expressive Arts therapist (unregistered)

  • Professional intuitive life coach & healer​

My areas of interest encompass, but is not limited to:

  • Brain-Body modalities

  • Energy psychology

  • Nature-based modalities

  • Spirituality, Intuition and Altered Consciousness, and Sacred practices

  • Native, Indigenous-based, Culturally-Affirming psychology, and knowledge-driven practices, and Integration of lost parts of indigeneity

At Sacred Aura & Co, a I provide the above services of clinical supervision, consultation and peer mentorship.

In addition, I extend  life coaching, restorative energy healing, psychic readings, and spiritual guidance. These offerings are designed to support individuals in achieving remarkable transformations in their personal lives, relationships, and business endeavors. 

If you're seeking clinical supervision, consultation, or mentorship, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Clinical Supervision

Do you need to accrue clinical supervision hours to meet LMHC licensure requirements? Do you need off-site supervision from the agency or organization? Are you looking for expressive arts modality supervision? 


Clinical Supervision is generally providing pre-licensed mental health professional supervision towards licensure hours. Supervision is scheduled regularly and requires a contract and the supervisor and supervisee must carry professional liability insurance during the course of the agreement.

Peer Consultation & Mentorship

Consultations are often categorized into two categories: clinical consultations and business consultations. Clinical consultations concentrate on countertransference, establishing clear boundaries, case conceptualization, and professional/clinical skill development. Business consultations are typically focused on professional development topics such as marketing, navigating a specialized clinical specialization, and establishing a solo practice.

Consultation and mentorship share some commonalities in their processes, but they serve distinct purposes. Clinical consultation is typically geared towards addressing specific issues or problems by employing specific strategies or interventions. In contrast, mentorship entails a long-term, ongoing relationship where wisdom and guidance are interwoven into the fabric of an individual's professional or personal development.

Both consultation and mentorship involve the exchange of experiences, guidance, and knowledge between two mental health professionals. Consultation is often sought on an "as-needed" basis, with the primary aim of addressing immediate challenges or clinical concerns. Mentorship, on the other hand, fosters a more enduring connection focused on nurturing growth and development over an extended period, with an emphasis on mutual learning and support.

My approach to mentorship is deeply rooted in my professional and personal journey of deconstructing the structural and ethical foundations of Western supervision strategies and methodologies for therapists. I believe that mentorship should revolve around meaningful conversations, establishing connections, nurturing a sense of community, and respecting diverse cultural perspectives. This process is carefully nurtured through a focus on ongoing professional development, offering guidance where it's needed, and the shared exchange of knowledge over an extended period.Embracing this philosophy is an ongoing and evolving journey, requiring continuous self-reflection and an openness to exploring alternative approaches to what mentorship can be and should not be. I am dedicated to approaching consultations and professional development through a lens that prioritizes inclusivity, empathy, and a commitment to growth.

If you are interested in collaboratively working together, reach out

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