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Couples Counseling & Relationship Coaching For monogamous  & Multiple partnerships (ENM)

You are here because you want to improve your relationship, whether that's communication, intimacy/attachment, ongoing impact from emotional injuries or labor, and sometimes healing before the relationship mutually ends. You want to identify and target the cyclical patterns, and narratives and come to a deep understanding, to better handle future turmoils, for a deeper connection, trust, and feeling safe. We all come to relationships with stories, patterns, and emotional wounds. Let's focus on thriving together!

You are ready to explore, sustain and improve your multiple relationships:

  • Are you exploring ethical non-monogamy?

  • Are you considering a poly-oriented relationship?

  • Need help improving and sustaining the flow of your relationship constellations?

  • Desire to create a space where partners' are heard, valued and seen? 


Couples counseling and relationship coaching are not covered by health insurance and are considered out-of-pocket expenses. Session rates start at $220.00 for 55, 75, or 90-minute sessions. Sessions are typically scheduled 1-2x per month or, based on goals and progress.

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