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How can Integrative psychotherapy help me or my relationships with trauma, stress and anxiety?

Integrative Liberator trauma-focused psychotherapy is unique in that it involves elements from various therapeutic modalities to create a personalized and holistic treatment plan for individuals. It can be especially effective in supporting people in restoring from trauma, stress, and anxiety by addressing the root causes, promoting mind-body connection, and cultivating long-term resilience in the client's ecosystem. If you need help overcoming trauma, managing stress, or reducing anxiety, integrative psychotherapy stands out for its expansive and effective approaches.

Intentional Statement

GroundingHearts Inc offers counseling, psychotherapy, consultations, workshops, clinical/ peer supervision services in Boston, MA. Our mission is to provide comprehensive support to our clients, empowering them to enhance self resilience, liberation,  psychological, spiritual, and emotional fortitude patterns. To enhance creativity, promote overall well-being, and restorative balance within the self-social-political and ecological context of trauma-related and distressing experiences. We are committed to facilitating the transformation of healthy relationships and improving self-esteem for individuals seeking holistic and effective mental health services.


This practice approaches psychotherapy from a holistic wellness perspective that is anti-discriminatory, anti-oppressive, anti-stigma, anti-racist & anti-ableist orientations.

Be well on this journey!


Initial consultation
Intake & Assessment
The Process

During a therapy consultation, we want to see if we're a good fit. During the 30-minute consultation, we'll assess your level of comfort with working with me, and our conversation, giving you an idea of whether you can envision open and meaningful discussions about important and challenging topics in our future conversations. Recognizing the importance of choosing the right therapist, I prioritize initial consultations to ensure a positive and mutually beneficial therapeutic relationship.

Following the consultation, we'll arrange an intake appointment and establish a consistent schedule for recurring sessions. Expect to receive emails through the client portal, where you'll find all the necessary electronic documents for signing. This streamlined process ensures clarity and convenience as we move forward in our therapeutic journey.

The therapy process is tailored to you, with your overall goals broken down into short-term objectives and specific strategies. If you decide to seek a formal clinical diagnosis, it will be included in your personalized treatment plan. Our collaboration will include in-depth discussions about your therapy goals and strategies for effectively addressing and navigating the challenges you are facing.

Who is Vierge?

I am the Founder, and CEO of GroundingHearts.


I a trauma-focused integrative psychotherapist and healer. I work with individuals , couples, groups and provide clinical supervision, and peer mentorship. I also am the Founder, and CEO of Sacred Aura & Co a holistic wellness hub where I lift up my gifts and lettings it spread wild with love, protection & care!

Arikoma bu,


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