Since 2012, GroundingHearts, Inc has helped clients to break through hurdles, transform perspectives and face their unique brilliance and transform their lives! 

A Bit About The Practice

GroundingHearts, Inc is a counseling and holistically-based private practice supporting all lives. Our philosophy is to hold sacred space for clients to develop a philosophy for what it means to live life well.


Mental Health Counseling I Holistic Life Coaching | Energy Wellness

Clinical Mental Health Counseling
+ Expressive Arts Therapy

Be a Well You

Providing individuals, families and couple therapy. Counseling sessions help folxs develop positive attitudes toward life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Schedule a consultation with a clinician.

Holistic Coaching and

+ Wellness Services

Aligning With You

An integrative coaching approach to personal healing and life development.  Wellness services include reiki, intuitive, and spiritual guidance sessions. Maximize your potential and be in alignment with yourself.



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