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GroundingHearts, Inc

Providing individuals and relationship counseling and psychotherapy in Boston, MA.  Integrative psychotherapists assisting clients in releasing disruptive patterns, recovering from traumatic and distressing experiences, transforming healthy relationships, and improving self-esteem!


Develop a philosophy for what it means to live life well.

Individual Counseling & Psychotherapy

In counseling or psychotherapy the process of working one-on-one in weekly or bi-weekly 45-80 minutes session. 

Couples, Family & Relational  

In counseling or psychotherapy the process of working with families, couples, and consensual non-monogamous relationships in weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly 60-minute sessions, with the possibility for extended sessions.

* health insurance not accepted for couples, family constellation sessions*


We respect your privacy and will never share personally-identifying information.


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