Viergelyn Chery-Reed, LMHC, ET

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Expressive Arts Therapist

Brainspotting III Therapist


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Dont' just glimpse your blissful state, become it

I'm Vierge— Trauma Therapist

  • individuals

  • couples, open relationships, and families

  • emerging adults & college students

  • high-stress careers & lifestyles

When you are exposed to trauma, distressing events, or high-stress situations, grief/loss you are more likely to exhibit a variety of symptoms. This can be an immediate response or a delayed response that appears out of nowhere. These issues can have an impact on your job, intimate and close relationships, social life, personal esteem, self-confidence, and overall outlook on life. Engaging with trauma as soon as possible and in a meaningful way is critical.


I work with people who want to re-author, integrate, and heal traumatic and chronic stressful experiences they have had throughout their lives (infancy to adulting). I work with people who want to be seen, heard, and connected to others and themselves. I work with clients who have difficult life stories, repeating triggers, insecure attachment styles, and conditioning.I work with people who want to live full, multidimensional lives that allow them to express themselves fully. People who desire to feel connected loved, and safe.


I am an integrative psychotherapist, combining various modalities within my practice, which includes expressive arts, mindfulness, embodiment, and brainspotting techniques. In addition, somatic practice techniques, emotionally-focused, and contemplative techniques are among my skills and training. I currently do not offer hypnotherapy in my counseling practice.


In addition to private practice, Viergelyn is an adjunct faculty at Lesley University. Viergelyn has an interest in transformative and restorative healing, spirituality, healing arts, and storytelling. She provides holistic intuitively-based life coaching, immersive brainspotting techniques, wellness services working. For more information go to Sacred Aura & Company.

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Virtual Office Hours

Tuesdays and Fridays: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Wednesdays: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturdays: 8:00-1:00pm (*limited)

Investment & Insurance

Initial Consultation, 30-min $50.00

$150.00 - $220.00 for individuals and couples

Subscriptions & Packages available

BCBS, Aetna,HSA/FSA* and Self- pay.

For HSA/FSA, Out of Network, I offer an insurance reimbursement statement/superbill for you to submit to your carrier should you choose.

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