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Viergelyn Chery-Reed, LMHC, ET


I identity as a queer woman of color, tracing my heritage to to the citizens and land stewards of Kiskeya diasporas (Ayiti and RD). My roots are intertwined by the centered survival and reclamation of Taino-Arawak and African ancestry.

My pronouns are (s/h/we), inclusive of the "we," symbolizing my connection to higher consciousness, and both the masculine and feminine aspects that are mirrored in my connections with both myself and the world.

My heart smilies.

Arikoma bu (thank you),


I thank my ancestors. My lineage. My human companions. I am my mother's mother's mother's and forebearer's realization.

May the universe always be in my favor.


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My Purpose(s)

Viergelyn is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Expressive Arts Therapist, and Professional Life Coach. She is the founder of GroundingHearts, Inc. and Sacred Aura Co, both of which provide counseling and holistic wellness services. She offer individual, couple/multiple partner, and group coaching services.


Her focus is to support people who want to re-author, integrate, heal, and create wholeness within their life experiences. I work with people who want to be seen, heard, and connected to themselves and others. She is drawn to people with difficult life stories, returning triggers, insecure patterns of attachment, and conditioning.She is trained in various modalities and applies them with discernment to enhance the healing potential of those she serves.People who want to feel connected, loved, and secure.

Modalities/Approaches centered in practice which are among my professional and clinical training but not limited to:

  • W(holistic) Cultural & Person-centered

  • Depth-Oriented & Integrative psychotherapy

  • Expressive Arts Therapy

  • Somatic-based/ Somatic Embodied(ment)

  • Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Brainspotting


Adjunct/Concurrent Sessions:I am frequently consulted for knowledge or experiences related to trauma wounds/injuries, crisis intervention, and adjunct treatment planning.

Intensive Psychotherapy/ (short-term based therapy):

​For people who want to work through specific issues in a concentrated short-term style that helps you to move on in your life more quickly. Symptom relief in weeks not months. See the Intensive page for more information

Special Interest/Affinity

I have special interest in LGBTQIA, transformative and restorative healing, indigenous spirituality, ethnic and indigenous psychologies, healing arts, ontology, #Rehumanizating (ion) of psychology and mental health, and storytelling.


At Sacred Aura & Company, I provide life coaching, restorative healing, and spiritual and psychic counseling.

Member or Affilitations

New England Society of the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, (dissolved)

Lesley University Cambridge, MA 

Project Safety Nets Brainspotting Phase1Training (Senegal West Africa 8/2022)

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