Hiya, I am Vierge


I identify as a Queer POC woman. I identify as the blood, land, and origin descendant of Kiskeya/Quisqueya diaspora, Haitian-Arawak, and Afro-Indigenous lineage, North American born.

My heart smilies.

Nou la.

Nos aqui.



I thank my ancestors. My lineage. My human companions. I am my mother's mother's mother's and forebearer's realization.

May the universe always be in my favor.


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My Purpose

I work with people who want to re-author, integrate, heal and create wholeness within their life experiences. I work with people who want to be seen, heard, and connected to others and themselves. I work with clients who have difficult life stories, repeating triggers, insecure attachment styles, and conditioning.I work with people who want to live full, multidimensional lives that allow them to express themselves fully. People who desire to feel connected loved, and safe.

While I am a person-centered, integrative psychotherapist, you can expect in sessions that I will primarily use Expressive Arts, Somatic-based techniques, Emotionally Focused, EMDR and Brainspotting, which are among my professional skills and clinical training. 


Adjunct/Concurrent Sessions:
I am frequently sought out for expertise or kin-folk experiences linked to Complex Trauma, DID, Ongoing Trauma Stress, and affinity, blood, land, and origin to the Native American nation/communities and Latinx/Afro-Indigenous, and Kiskeya/Quisqueya diaspora lineage.

Intensive Psychotherapy/ (short-term based therapy):

​For people who want to work through specific issues in a concentrated short-term style that helps you to move on in your life more quickly. Symptom relief in weeks not months. See the Intensive page for more information

Special Interest/Affinity

LGBTQIA, transformative and restorative healing, indigenous spirituality, ethnic and indigenous psychologies, healing arts, anthropology, genealogical research, and storytelling.


At Sacred Aura & Company, I provide intuitively-based life coaching, immersive wellness experiences, and spiritual and psychic counseling.

Member or Affilitations

New England Society of the Treatment of Trauma and Dissociation, (dissolved)

Lesley University, Adjunct Professor

Project Safety Net, Brainspotting Phase1Training

Location: Senegal West Africa 2022