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Access clinical counseling from the safety of your home, office, and other private locations.

In the last six years, video counseling, formerly known as "teletherapy, telehealth, telecounseling" grown popular due to the flexibility in receiving medical and behavioral care across the internet. People may find it difficult to engage in therapy for a variety of reasons. This can range from schedule conflict, travel, fears/worries of speaking in-person, mobility, and lifestyle activities that prevent you from attending in-person sessions.

The advancement in technology has made it possible to remove many barriers to receiving your mental health treatment. In fact, the growing trend in mental health services is the emergence of video counseling. Some studies have reflected that in-person sessions can be similar as effective as in-person sessions. In addition, HIPPA compliant software is utilized for video-to-video conferencing sessions.


If you plan to use health insurance, be sure to check with your insurance plan for all information. If you choose to self-pay your session, you will be asked to sign a private pay agreement. You can locate your monthly bill or superbill if you have HSA reimbursement plans.