March 5, 2018

As you all know I love working with the moon and so I want to HELP YOU maximize your time invigorating, evoking, cleansing and re-birthing during these moon phases.


This is a time for releasing old habits that do not serve you, but more so decrease your soul wealth.

It is also a great time to start something new as we get closer to the new moon!


Do you need to make changes to your eating lifestyle?

Need to shed some emotional pain?

Have to clarify your next steps?


—— I love connecting with divine each day to center myself and get clarity around what is next for me.


Its like shedding and re-birthing all at once!


As part of my spring equinox ritual +

I want to share with you what I do to help me begin cleaning, re-birthing and activating.


  1. I start de-cluttering my sacred spaces, which includes: my home, sacred healing office, jeep, and whole body.

  2. I Make a list of things I wish to release from and do not want to be bonded from any past attachments. I then burn this list during the highest point of my night ( at least 1x before new moon).

  3. I start using my “ I AM” mantra to evoke and activate my inner knowing. I love to strengthen my connection to Divine source.

  4. I do something kind myself and for someone else or for nature. This nourishes my commitment for self-love and love for all things.



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