Being Visible - Being Seen

February 19, 2018

I use to believe that I had to remain invisible be and I convinced myself that I desired to be this person because I was “ more impactful behind the scenes”. That was a bunch of blah!


I want to call you on your bullshit that keeps hurting you and suppressing your calling!


Have you convinced yourself that being invisible is how you make a major impact?


All too often I bear witness the false narratives, values and limiting beliefs that You instruct onto Yourself!


When you tell yourself you prefer to be invisible you are actually telling Your higher Self you do not deserve to be heard, seen, valued, appreciated and celebrated!


Sure some souls are a tad shy, but I have found that generally it is the fractured belief system.


Were you one of those kids that pulled the curtains instead of playing a vital role in the play?


Do your friends call you about advice whether personal or business and then use then use those magnetic suggestions to increase their presence?


Do you feel good about being invisible?


Did you want to say something to someone , but you smiled instead?


How does it impact you at home, work, in re


lating to others?



You can shift this idea that being invisible brings vitality to your life and start understanding how to use your unique traits and brilliance to revitalize Your life and others.

1. At least once this week start paying attention to the spaces where you are likely to suppress your visibility.


2. Make note of it and the people who you attract and how they and you respond.


3. Then write at least 1 way for each interaction you will shift your visibility and record what HAPPENS!






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