Why people quit before the soul journey begins?

December 29, 2017

No matter how hard your life is now it is a fractured glimpse of where your life could be tomorrow! I assure you!


Waking up to a life that you want to run from.

Waking up to a life that is unfulfilling or hurting you.


Who wants to suffer?

Well in fact many people live in the realm of suffering. They are afraid to be flexible, afraid to be open to the change that they are so painfully looking for. 


The upsetting part for most people is that they begin to lean into victim archetype struggling to admit that choices, thoughts, feeling and actions have led them down a road most traveled. 


Many are so weaved into this role that it is too painful to remove the mask and look underneath. They feel the burning in there gut but refuse to let go of what no longer serve them.


So what do you really. When you are faced with two options! 


So why do people really quit?

They are not practicing and using the tools for soul wealth and healing

They are letting others dictate and judge their soul journey

They allow shadow/ego to take the wheel and drive

They allow … the word “allow”



It truly takes on unique thought, emotion or action to shift you back onto your soul path and many do see it, feel it and know it.


You are suffering and you continue to live in this suffering that can end....

So what do you really want? 






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