Beau people are hidden!

December 23, 2017

Have you had any magnetic and awakening self-reflections lately?

The ones that spark so much absolutes from creative thinking and action!

The KEY is actually applying what you have sparked in that grand Divine mind of yours!


I have had the most profound sparks when like attracts like in a shared space of streaming thoughts.


Creation only comes from the willingness to collaborate. That means it requires two things to come together for something to emerge!


As an Expressive Therapist, I found this to be validated in my work with clients. The perspectives shifted, the transcendence happening before our eyes! Each leap of willingness, receptiveness into the unknown process of self-exploration drives us deeper into the shadow of who we really are!


The depths of ones soul is so closely linked to the outer layers of our actions.

Yet, the beautiful emergence of this is often missed, suppressed or unappreciated.


Within all of us are these beautify aspects we have yet to explore. Yet - to reach!


Once you take the leap into those magical places the unknown is no longer hidden it is FOUND!





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