My agreement with the universal creator

December 16, 2017


I have been brought to my knees ( well not always, but most times) with a nudge for me to pay attention!


The universe has a remarkable way of mirroring exactly what you say you need, want, desire into reality!


The power is the vibrational match!


The universe, like you; is a energetic, loving and infinite source that wants you to live life with happiness, relaxed and with a light heart!


My agreement with the universe came when I decided to accept my TRUE calling, get down into the deep rooted reasons why I wanted to suppress myself from being visible and a leader in the guidance that I provide others.


I also didn’t feel confident and was always DOUBTING myself constantly! It was creating magical road blocks and I was not reaping the rewards from my creative source! 


When I made my agreement everything changed! I was having surges of creative energy, I started eating mindfully, losing weight, managing my business, seeing impact in my work and most importantly aligning with my soul calling!


I am a true testament to universal manifestation!


If you are getting that GUT feeling and recognizing that some of what I wrote is resonating with you. It isa time to really get out of your OWN WAY and start putting things in EFFECT so that you can start living abundantly!



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