Why Affirmations?

December 9, 2017

A few years back I learned a powerful tool THE POWER OF YES - that I now use intentionally and teach my coaching clients so they master negative thoughts and embracing the power of Divine Mind.


So why do affirmations?

The root word “affirm” to hold in confidence a belief or self-concept you wish to internalize. affirmations is a powerful tool to that combats fractured beliefs about yourself. Using affirmations daily can bring you to awareness immediately go negative self-concepts and align with your true identity.


So how do I use affirmations in my life?

First, you need to dive deep into some negative concepts you repeat to yourself consciously and subconsciously. 


Now subconsciously you may always be giving yourself messages that you have internalized well into childhood. Though, if you are reading this post you are already in a place that you are already asking yourself to become super aware of those thoughts that you OPERATE from daily!


Second, I recommend  writing counter-statements to those thoughts. Listen to your body and gut feeling and come up with TRUE and SOUND BREATHING statements that will truly RESONATE with you day in and day out —— This is one of my teaching tools I sit with coaching clients to do a lot because this key point is crucial to combating deep rooted beliefs.


Third, Daily ( preferably in the morning) take 5-minutes to say out loud those affirmations in a mirror looking at yourself. 


I like to place mines on a bright PINK or YELLOW (the symbolism of colors are powerful) sticky notes on my vanity mirror!



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