5 Deep Dive Writing Prompts to get you to listen from within

December 2, 2017

How do you introduce yourself to the world was create FOR YOU!


Take a pen and paper and free write about this! Its personal inquiry and a deeper dive into places you have not freely tapped into. Trust me you make come across some fear or maybe you will write from a fear based place.


I operate from a  soul-based place and want you to really take the leap and discover parts of you that automatically creep up daily. These writing prompts are basis for establishing connection with yourself and I encourage you to practice these prompts in the morning before your day gets busy and distracted.


Start Now.


1. How do you introduce yourself to the world?
2. When you breathe, what element are you evoking?
3. What feeds your soul?
4. Are you in harmony? --- If so what aspects of you are alive and well!; What aspects are not?
5. When will you know you have reached infinite love?

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