Love is a language.

November 18, 2017

If you think you know your love language think again! Too often I have found with working with humans that the idea of the ideal love language is not really reflected in their relationship with themselves or with others. Too often they have redefined the love language provided and guide to them by parents, close friends, pets, and important caregivers in their life way before they learned to understand their own language of love. 




Now, we are born with infinite love and whole and an empty shell presumably filled by early childhood experiences ( some going as far back as infancy) IT IS PROVEN! Then you generate an understanding of you who are, what you can receive, what you give out and ultimately what your needs are from those experiences. 


Here is the think... We are so often caught up with the habits, negative core beliefs and fractured identity that we TRULY BELIEVE that we our love is valued and VALID through these experiences.


If I asked you to take a seat, take a 3 deep breaths

Compiled a list of early childhood experiences ?? that helped you define the concepts you live by now, it would not only bring you to awareness.

It will shift your heart and psyche forever, because what you and I have done is open up a world of experiences that have shaped your language of love that either hurt you or do not serve your true core self.

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