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October 28, 2017

Here we are in the modern day times of the visible and practicing shamans, medicine women, mystics, healers, mediums, empaths and spiritual goddesses! This would not have been transparent and clear 100 years ago. Although text and communities all around the world have been holding on to the sacred traditions that have brought many people together through spiritual practices. This is considered a New Age or New Thought. I guess.


I have spent countless years trying to define my natural gifts to really tap into source make meaning and transformations through soul connections. When I began to let go our the words the language that described my work. I began to step into my own calling as a healer and allow the people I work with create meaning out of this relationship!


Of course, I need a few descriptors when a consult call ends and the client wants to jump right into a coaching relationship. Though, the most amazing live of a healer is leveling with the universe in such a profound way that it vibrates out into the world.


I take my role very seriously. I help others transform what they perceive as suffering, into soul growth and self-healing from within. There is so much power in diving deep into self-healing and seeing crystal clear who you are in this lifetime!


Healing is a practice of letting go and finding your true calling. It helps you release blocks — physical, emotional, mental blocks and old habits that no longer serve you. You gain clarity and deeper understanding of about your life path.


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