Speaking & Giving Back

Viergelyn provides experiential and non-experiential presentations or workshops aimed at increasing awareness and provoking introspection for the purposes of wellness and healing. Viergelyn combines theoretical knowledge with the advantages of mindfulness, spirituality, healing arts, and expressive therapy. Fill out the speaking form if you are interested in her speaking, facilitating a lecture, series of workshops (see a list of topics below) at your organization, university, community, or a podcast.

- Stress Management

- Using intuitive in life & business

- Improving creative consciousness through the use of expressive arts

- Adolescent & Social Press

- Healing arts

- Embracing team communication styles



Year 2018

The Art Of Spirituality — Speaker// General Public//Lesley University Cambridge, MA

The Art Of Mindfulness — Speaker// Urban Scholars Initiative//Lesley University Cambridge, MA

EP 43 Viergelyn Chery-Reed — Guest Speaker // Awakened Woman Podcast

EP169 Conscious Eating, Power of Play; The Souls Compass — Guest Speaker // Exploring Possibilities

Year 2019

S2 EP 1: It's Not That Safe — Co-Host // The Archetypes Podcast Boston, MA

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