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Psychedelic- Assisted  psycotherapy

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy

What is Ketamine Assisted Therapy?

Ketamine-Assisted Therapy involves the use of ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, to enhance the therapeutic process. It aims to help individuals access and process deep-seated emotions, thoughts, and experiences under the guidance of a trained therapist.

Who Prescribes the Medication?
A licensed medical provider prescribes ketamine for KAP. After the initial consultation and evaluation, the therapist will coordinate with a medical professional to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria for this treatment.


What is Your Therapist's Role?
Your therapist's role in KAP includes preparing you for the experience, guiding you through the dosing + integrative process, and  supporting your during the integrating period to enhance the insights gained during the sessions into your daily life.

What happens during a KAP Consultations
The purpose of a KAP consultation is to discuss the this form therapy, expectations, answer any questions you may have, and assess if this approach is a good fit for you. After the consultation, you will schedule an appointment with a qualified medical prescriber for a medical evaluation and development of a treatment planning to determine eligibility. Clients with an established relationship with a therapist may utilize these ongoing sessions as preparing sessions to assess goals and motivation for KAP treatment. 

What is the structure of KAP Treatment?

  1. KAP preparation sessions are 45-50 minute psychotherapy sessions focused on preparing clients for their KAP dosing sessions, reviewing and exploring relevant contextual factors, goals, motivations, and sustaining the therapeutic trust, and alliance prior to a KAP dosing session.

  2. KAP dosing session, is a 3-hour session where we do an intention setting + settling into self regarding your journey. You self-administer the medication, and I a holding sacred, containment for your journey. Once the effects begins to wear off we diagloue using verbal or nonverbal processes to integrate and consolidate the experience. 

  3. Similarly, the integrative sessions 45-50 minute psychotherapy sessions to support the healing process hours to 3-days after the KAP treatment. In aides in rapid consolidation, making meaning and shifts within self and the context of the world. 

  4. KAP treatment typically includes approximately 3-5 preparatory sessions and 4-6 dosing sessions, with an integration session in-between each dosing session. This can be anywhere from 2-3 months short-term therapy.

  5. Additionally, you are required to have 30-min follow-up appointment with medical prescriber about the effects, and progress of KAP. Generally you can expect at least 1 follow-up visits during this 2-3 month short-term treatment.

How much does KAP treatment cost?

 I have partnered with Journey Clinical for Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy in order to jointly provide KAP to my clients The medical portion for KAP appointments are billed separately through Journey Clinical.

  •  Journey Clinical Cost: 

    • ​Initial Evaluation $338.00 for a 1-hour intake with a prescriber, including a prescription for 2 sessions of ketamine*. You will need to pay out of pocket for your medical evaluation and eligibility. If you are not eligible you are given a full refund.

    • Follow-Up Cost: $298.00 for a 30-minute appointment with a prescriber, including a prescription for 6 sessions of ketamine*.

  • Psychotherapy Session Cost:

    • ​Individual Intake (55-min)/Preparation (55-min) /Integration (45-min) $160.00 - $185.00 45-55-minute session.

    • Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy [3-hour session] $500.00 (a 10% discount) 

*Insurance may cover 1-hour of the 3-hour treatment dosing session, as extended/prolonged sessions are not covered by medical health insurance. *Please note that these prices are subject to change*

Payment Information
Payment is due at each session and can be made via  credit card, or health savings/flexible spending account cards. Please note that KAP is not covered by insurance.

Co-creating with Journey Clinical 

Journey Clinical KAP Provider Badge.png

More Information

If you are curious to learn about KAP and investigate if it might be a fit for you, I encourage you to spend some time researching on your own.


Below are some brief, helpful places to get started:


KAP won't be right for everyone, and it is a personal choice whether you want to consider it. In my wholistic approach to serving healing processes, this is now an option available to you through my practice. 

Further Reading/Listening about Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy:

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