Schedule Worry Time And Combat Anxieties

Anxiety for some can be felt as an unbearable sense of a highway speed chase of your own thoughts. Worries occupy your time, yet nothing happens. At most, you experience a feeling stickiness, procrastination or destructive patterns that create distress, confusion and inappropriate shame or guilt.

So let's talk about implementing the strategy of worry time to reduce distress, confusion and increase productivity. I have used this approach countless time with clients from all background and the feedback has been consistent.

"It made so much sense".

"I felt more in control of what to focus on".

" I can start to figure out what to do next".

Worry time is a simple approach to using your brains function in a "deliberate" manner that brings forth a soothing experience.

How do I implement it into my daily life?

  1. Identify the best time of the day to approach your stream of thoughts. This empowers you to set a specific time of day to get it all down and leave it there.

  2. Have a pen and paper handy. Its a brain dump experience. You get all the stream, fleeting and ruminating thoughts all down. This helps exploring patterns, themes, - even a to do list.

  3. Identify what to address. I have to admit - this is the best part! Go through your worries list and identify realistic ideas that need to be addressed in a short-time period. My strategy is: if it can not be addressed in less than 10 days than leave it on the worry list. The goal is to move forward, while feeling motivated and clear.

  4. Write and prioritize what to address and CHUNK IT DOWN to smaller steps. This reducing any unnecessary anxiety.

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