Nature-Based Therapy

Prior to COVID-19 pandemic I started implementing in both my counseling holistic wellness practice Nature-Based Therapy often referred to as " Walk and Talk Therapy, Mindfulness Walk Therapy".

You might be wondering what is Nature-Based Therapy " Walk and Talk Therapy, Mindfulness Walk Therapy? Its is simply applying traditional psychotherapy with the natural environment/surroundings. You are walking and talking in therapy. Mindfulness practices are inherently integrated during these 45-min sessions.

The benefits include:

  • more physical movement; encouraging body awareness and sensory integration

  • You move through and begin to feel "unstuck" when confronting difficult issues

  • Encourages creative, spontaneous deeper ways of thinking

  • improves mood

  • enhances social connection

So what does it look like? Walk-and-talk is a form of psychotherapy or consultation while walking outdoors in public places. Walking sessions typically take place along [a location] and last 30-45 minutes. Some clients enjoy the experience of movement while talking or feel more comfortable talking side-by-side, rather than sitting face-to-face in an office.

You are essentially tapping into natures healing power, while working through stuck moments.


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