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I have said it once again

This time, its in a space space that will celebrate my wholeness. A space where mutual discord does not leave me dismissed, de-valued or killed.

After referencing my interest in the ideas of "re-humanizing” western psychology practice and counseling education, to my BIPOC BSP cohort consultant-in-training. I am sitting here inspired to write this post (I understood the assignment) by the collective. The sensation was felt instantly, and I noticed that we had all arrived.

We collectively went there to the infinite space/vortex/zero/felt consciousness.

The location where the "ti bonnaj," or "source," simply creates, connects, and aligns.

I recognize that words can be limiting, colorful, and dismissive of what I discovered while assessing the possibilities of the humanistic experience. However, I must admit that this is layered with my cyclical identity development. I remember when decolonization first became apart of the social construct and it didn't connect with me, so I move towards what my knowing in the moment which resulted with re-humanization". While I am aware that there was a felt sense that cannot be reduced to a single word or language (I was born into a multilingual family), this is where I have currently settled.

BIPOC BSP cohort consultant-in-training offered so much insight from the pure consciousness which landed with one colleague so eloqoently reminding me that "I am already human".

What I gathered was what distance have we created between that which is "us" and that which has become "us"?

Lets keep this going.

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