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I don't want to de-colonize. I want to re-humanize

Let's get started.

  1. First, I should have started by saying that I am a storyteller, spoken word artist, and highly intuitive.

  2. Second, I am not sure who will read this, but if you do and you feel the spark to use the word "re-humanization" or "re-humanizing" in your vocabulary, please do so when you have begun to explore your role, position and power within your eco-system. The inter-section-alities of your lived experiences and reality. There you may find another word, sensation, sound, vision, color, or insight about what this will be for you.

  3. Third, I was born into an oppressive system and within that system I have and continue have learned a few things:

- I learned to hate my identities

- People harm; and people get hurt

- Not all wounds are traumatic, and all wounds are relational.

- My perspective is not linear

- Identity development or formation is cyclical

- We learn 90% of what we know through sight, sound, taste and touch

- I must remain incredibly rooted and hopeful or I am "soul lost".

4. Fourth, if you see me group of words you do not recognize it is likely in a language you do not understand or has not arrived to be understood by humanity.

The process of re- humanization continues.

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