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Here we go - again

So, this wasn't my first time referencing "re-humanization". In fact most spaces I have echoed this word has been in white spaces or spaces where whiteness and white-centered values and interest were the majority. In spaces where the word "decolonization" has been used without action items, take away homework, or the invitation or to be invited to hear-listen to the overwhelming lived experiences that has plagued our society. It was like when the organization, agency or institution experiences a protest by the "people" and turns around and throws a bandaid by hiring a DEIJ Director (most of the time a white-identified person) and DEIJ consultants (likely BIPOC) and says over zoom or in an email "look we are doing something about. Cant you see?" While the majority ( those being harmed) sit silently and whispers "here we go again".

While I'm not sure (should google) if the term "re-humanization" has entered human consciousness in the discord to move towards de-colonization. I feel compelled to write about and document this e-merging process as it unfolds.

What is the point of re-humanization, though? So, I accept that I live in a colonial, capitalist, and ableist, racist society. I work within that society or the social construct that is this society. As a result, I accept that I engage in behaviors that contribute to this construct as well as recognize the ways in which I attend to my primal basic needs, self-interests, desires/wishes and actualization.

What it looks like is a process of de-constructing ( there is a process of grief/loss, detachment, and rage) the lens you have and discovering the possibilities, the intentional small steps, the stories, rituals, practices and proposals to a live a life that is well, perhaps even free from systematic harm.

I know yes, I am a Pisces and I can be a bit disillusioned, and yet I still hold wild ridiculous hope in the human race.

So lets keep going.

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