Don't lose yourself: Relationship Anxiety

Relationship anxiety is normal and just about everyone experiences, these cyclical patterns at the start, mid, and in part newfound experiences in long-term partnerships. Yet, the majority of those living with general anxiety regardless of the severity of symptoms almost frequently come to the session with concerns about how their symptoms may be impacting their relationship.

Anxiety is generally experienced as hypervigilance, irritability, emotional outburst, restlessness, lack of concentration, racing thoughts, rumination, or intrusive thoughts, fatigue.

While you may combating all of these symptoms, most people will describe general anxiety as: excessive worry, distressing body sensations, and feeling of impending doom.

These above can impact your relationship, especially when in distress. You may feel more dependent, push away, or even blend boundaries.

In sessions, there are of variety psychotherapeutic exercises I use to guide clients in challenging thoughts, behaviors, identifying personal goals, and empowering self-autonomy. While everyone's path is different in accomplishing therapeutic goals. Staying informed, persistent, and willing goes a very long way!

Here is a great article for How to Handle Relationship Anxiety.

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