5 ways to manage stress

When I think of self-care I often think of feel good intentions. These are activities that promote creativity, a sense of well-being and enjoyment. Generally, self-care involves your active participation in activities that promote whole-body relaxation.

Here are my top 4 tips for beginning a healthy self-care kit:

  1. Take care of the essentials. This means your activities of daily living (ADL's), which includes eating regular meals, drinking nourishing beverages, regular sleep pattern, regular health visits and a balanced personal hygiene.

  2. Make your self-care a priority. I like to have my clients start off by declaring a personal self-care commitment. It is helpful to identify the reasons why you want to consciously prepare and follow to a self-care practice. Oh, remember as the seasons change so do your self-care routine.

  3. Clear boundaries to protect your practice. Self-care practices is about meeting our needs. So, its is important that you clearly communicate that to others and to allow others to experience your commitment to self-care practice as part of your lifestyle.

  4. 15-minutes is a start. Did you know all you need is 15-minutes? When one becomes overwhelmed, paralyzed by anxieties and in a fog - 15-minutes of doing something promotes relaxation. Try it.

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