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Intensive Psychotherapy

Intensive psychotherapy is a relatively short-term dynamic psychotherapy that gives clients faster results, and full resolution for sudden or persistent issues in a short period of time. Intensive psychotherapy is a revolutionary approach that provides immediate relief from suffering, symptom relief, and a thorough understanding of oneself.

They Are Back!

Since the current pandemic, I've encountered an increase in the number of clients, couples, and communities seeking brief dynamic psychotherapy for crisis intervention, and ongoing traumatic stress, rather quickly for symptomatic relief.

I have brought them back offering them during specific times of the year.

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  • Respond to early after-math of collective trauma, a single incident, or prolonged,  ongoing traumatic experiences.

  • Resolution in days not months or years of therapy.

  • Return to your busy life rather quickly!

  • Short-term approach, with results in 3-9 intensive sessions. This indicate it is cost-effective and move towards a reliable changes and full resolution. Some people may require additional intensive sessions based on need and life circumstances.

Intensive EMDR & Brainspotting Psychotherapy

An Intensive is a ground-breaking approach to psychotherapy treatment. Using EMDR and Brainspotting brain-body therapies for "rewiring" and changing the neurons in your brain. In the process, engage your body's physical feelings/sensations as well as your natural wisdom.


An intensive approach can function in ways that typical continuous therapeutic approaches lack. An Intensive session allows you to access considerably more personal material, which can be processed and repaired much faster than in traditional weekly therapy.

The work is definitely intensive and concentrated with rapid relief. Intensives are not appropriate for everyone, so I have planned 30-minute virtual consultations to assess clients' readiness for intensive work.

EMDR & Brainspotting is not just for targeting traumatic or distressing experiences, yet it can enhance creativity, performance and overall wellbeing.

EMDR & Brainspotting Intensives are offered 3,4, and 6 hours sessions, with an expectation of scheduling 3 sessions (does not include the Intake & Assessment session) to experience results from the initial presenting concerns.

Intensive psychotherapy is also offered to current clients for additional support or when life becomes hectic or when sudden issues arise.

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