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Intensive Psychotherapy

Intensive psychotherapy is a relatively short-term dynamic psychotherapy that gives clients faster results, and full resolution for sudden or persistent issues in a short period of time. Intensive psychotherapy is a revolutionary approach that provides immediate relief from suffering, symptom relief, and a thorough understanding of oneself.

Offering Intensives:

June - August 5, 2022

June to August 4th, 2022

October 2022

Nov 28 to Dec 2nd, 2022

January 2023

Intensive Psychotherapy

An Intensive is a ground-breaking approach to psychotherapy treatment. Rapid change therapies work by "rewiring" and changing the neurons in your brain. In the process, engage your body's physical feelings as well as your natural wisdom. An intensive approach can function in ways that typical continuous therapeutic approaches lack. An Intensive session allows you to access considerably more personal material, which can be processed and repaired much faster than in traditional weekly therapy.

Intensive sessions typically are between 2-6 hours a session and for 2-5 consecutive days. At times, a client can arrange to attend weekly to monthly intensives, though this is on a case-by-case basis. While intensives can provide full resolution to a client's problem. The work is definitely INTENSE and CONCENTRATED, with rapid relief. Intensives are not appropriate for everyone, so I have planned 30-minute virtual consultations to assess clients' readiness for intensive work.

In some cases, adjunct or parallel sessions might be beneficial in addition to primary therapy. Please feel free to discuss this possibility with your existing therapist, and I am happy to discuss parallel sessions.


Respond to early or crisis interventions after-math of collective trauma, a single incident, or ongoing traumatic stressors.

Resolution in days not months or years of therapy.

Return to your busy life rather quickly!

Short-term intensive sessions are cost-effective and move towards a full resolution.

What's Next?

  1. Schedule a free 30-minute initial consultation to ensure we are a good fit and that this format is appropriate.

  2. Schedule a comprehensive assessment. We will determine and prioritize the targeted issue. 

  3. The subsequent sessions will involve several accelerated change therapy modalities as well as psycho-education and what I call "self-rescue" tools to help you respond to any future distress.

  4. You can expect that session length and frequency will be determined at your initial consultation. 

  5. After each session, we will discuss the after-care plan.

They Are Back!

Since the current pandemic, I've encountered an increase in the number of clients, couples, and communities seeking brief dynamic psychotherapy for crisis intervention, and ongoing traumatic stress, rather quickly for symptomatic relief.

I have brought them back offering them during specific times of the year.

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Your Investment

Intensive psychotherapy is not covered by health insurance and is considered private pay. I do not formally assess for a medical diagnosis or use procedural medical codes, rather I focus on the multidimensional person, their targeted issues, and goals for personal wellness.

I reserve time for your Intensive sessions, and no other sessions can be scheduled for that time. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your Intensive reservation, with the remaining 50% due on the first day of the Intensive. Payments accepted: cash, debit/credit card. You will save money by reserving intensive sessions, rather than the hourly rate of $160.00.

1.5 hour Assessment and Preparation / $220.00

2 hour Extended Session / $300.00

3 hour Intensive / $400.00

Half Day Intensive / $600.00

Cancellation Policy for Intensives

A reschedule-only policy is in place to preserve the integrity of therapeutic practice. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled time. Your deposit or payment will not be affected by rescheduling. If you decide to cancel your intensive session entirely, any deposits paid will be refunded less a $300 scheduling fee.