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Your investment in counseling or psychotherapy services allows me to give back to my local and international communities by delivering reduced fees or pro bono brief psychotherapy, spiritual wellness, and transformative healing experiences.

So, thank you so much!

Cancellation Policy

To encourage the integrity and ongoing progress of therapeutic treatment, this practice maintains a reschedule-only policy. Every client has a recurrent scheduled day and time for sessions each week. On occasion, if a schedule conflict arises, it may be possible to swap a one-time slot for another. Unless otherwise agreed upon before the session, all sessions must be paid in full at the time of the session. You are responsible for the payment whether or not the session is attended. You must cancel and reschedule your appointment within 48 hours of its planned time, or you will be charged the full fee for the scheduled session.

  • How do I know I am a good fit for Intensive Therapy sessions?
    Most intensive treatment forms can concentrate on common issues. My intensive treatment sessions are often directed toward those that suit my clinical specialties and concentration.In most circumstances, if there is an impending threat to one's own or others' safety, cause for concern about medical conditions, and/or if the intensive model's expectations do not now meet your life schedule. Moreover, intensive psychotherapy does not replace treatment for crisis interventions, hospitalization, or concerns that may necessitate additional ongoing sessions and collaboration with other specialists.
  • What is the scheduling expectation to participate in Intensive sessions?
    There is an expectation to schedule at least 3 Intensive sessions (not including Intake & Assessment). The current studies show that results typically are noticeable with 10-30 hours of therapy. This may be different for individuals who need for intensive sessions. Intensive sessions are schedule for consecutive days or alternate week for 2 weeks . A client may be able to arrange to attend the recommended hours over a period of 2 to 4 weeks based on life circumstances. My current capacity to conduct intensive sessions is limited to 1 month per month, with a self-reported success rate of noticeable results within 10-20 hours.
  • How do I benefit from Intensive sessions?
    You can respond to early or crisis interventions following collective trauma, a single occurrence, or persistent traumatic stressors. It results of resolution in days not months or years of therapy. You can get back to your lifestyle and/or busy schedule. Most important, intensive psychotherapy is cost-effective when compared to long-term therapy.
  • How do I schedule a consultation?
    1. First be sure to view the announcement for when intensive psychotherapy sessions are being scheduled. 2. Complete the consult form at the top of this page or click this link. 3. I will be in contact with you to schedule your consultation.
  • How much does Intensive Psychotherapy cost?
    Intensive psychotherapy is cost-effective since it provides complete resolution in weeks rather than months. When compared to long-term traditional therapy approaches, which can last 5-10 years on average with an average yearly cost (co-pay to self-pay in Boston, MA*) of $1,440 - $7,200 USD. I always encourage people to consider their finances, as well as the profound impact that this investment will make it your life. All intensive series require an assessment and preparation session, sometimes a client may request that this be in conjunction with their first intensive session. On average, intensive sessions booked for 10-18 hours range between $1,420- $2,020 USD. *Assessment and Preparation 1.5 hours $220.00 3 hour Intensive $400.00 4 hour Intensive $600.00 6 hour Intensive $800.00 I reserve time for your Intensive sessions, and no other sessions can be scheduled for that time. A 50% deposit is required to confirm your all schedule Intensive therapy sessions, with the remaining 50% of the total of sessions due on the first day of the Intensive.
  • What is your cancellation policy for Intensive Psychotherapy?
    Cancellation Policy for Intensives A reschedule-only policy is in place to preserve the integrity of therapeutic practice. If you need to reschedule, please do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled time. Your deposit or payment will not be affected by rescheduling. If you decide to cancel your intensive session entirely, any deposits paid will be refunded less a $300 scheduling fee.
  • Do you offer in office or video sessions for Intensive?
    GroundingHearts, Inc currently offers in-office and video sessions with limited availability for in office sessions. At times, it may be recommended that you are best fit for in office sessions. Intensive sessions are conducted on different days then traditional sessions. Please visit each clinician's profile to view their schedule.
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