Initial Consultation & Intake Session

Initial Consultation

The goal of a therapy initial 30-minute consultation is to ensure that we are a good fit. So, in essence, you decide whether or not you would be comfortable working together. You should have a good sense of whether or not you are at ease in the office, remotely, with me, and with our conversation. 

What happens after the consultation appointment?

We will schedule an Intake Assessment appointment through the client portal. An Intake Assessment is where the therapist gathers essential information from the client during a clinical interview using a variety of methods to determine concerns, and goals and answer questions about the treatment approach. Sometimes, an Intake Assessment can take 2-hours or 2 1-hour sessions. Your concerns or reasons for seeking therapy must be medically necessary in order to be billable through insurance. If you are using health insurance you must meet medical necessity criteria and a medical diagnosis is required. If you choose to not use health insurance or prefer to not have a formal medical diagnosis you can express this during the intake appointment.

Attending weekly meetings for the first 8-12 appointments is actually recommended in order to create orientation, generate momentum, and identify any challenges to treatment goals. Some clients may be encouraged to attend weekly thereafter, however, this can be explored on an individual basis.

Your investment in counseling or psychotherapy allows me to give back to my local and international communities by delivering reduced fees or pro bono brief psychotherapy, spiritual wellness, and transformative healing services.

So, thank you so much!

Fees & Insurance

Out-of-Network Benefits

If you would like to utilize your out-of-network benefits, you will be provided statements or a superbill for you to file reimbursement with your health insurance. You must let me know if you plan to seek reimbursement through insurance because you must meet medical necessity and carry a medical diagnosis for reimbursement. If you do not plan to use your health insurance, you must sign an opt-out insurance agreement.

Here are some articles that discuss the benefits of paying out of pocket to see a therapist:

Cancellation Policy

To encourage the integrity and ongoing progress of therapeutic treatment, this practice maintains a reschedule-only policy. Every client has a recurrent scheduled day and time for sessions each week. On occasion, if a schedule conflict arises, it may be possible to swap a one-time slot for another. Unless otherwise agreed upon before the session, all sessions must be paid in full at the time of the session. You are responsible for the payment whether or not the session is attended. You must cancel and reschedule your appointment within 48 hours of its planned time, or you will be charged the full fee for the scheduled session.