Clinical Focus

Perfectionism, People-Pleasing & Codependency

Did you have caregivers that were emotionally dismissive, unresponsive, or critical as a child? Do you frequently feel unworthy or have problems embracing yourself and others? Do you frequently internalize what others say? You may even be sensitive to criticism, even helpful criticism. Do you want to take steps toward emotional security, strengthen interdependence, and freely communicate your views and feelings?



How do you deal with stressful situations? Have you accumulated a lot of stress over the years? Do you have a history of being neglected, rejected, or abandoned by loved ones? If you struggle with being assertive in interpersonal relationships, particularly communicating your true feelings and needs to others, you may find yourself swallowing frustration to the point where you're chronically tense and anxious. There are four typical sub-personalities/archetypes that are prevalent among people who feel anxious.


Complex Trauma, PTSD & Attachment

A traumatic incident or event can have a range of effects. When you have a series of stressful incidents, it might have long-term and adverse implications on your life. It has the potential to influence your feelings, thoughts, relationships, habits, attitudes, dreams, and hopes. Three primary factors can have an impact on how you react to distressing occurrences. Have you been directly or indirectly affected by a traumatic event, or have you been a witness to one? Do you frequently find yourself in situations where you may see painful or stressful events? Are you looking to do inner child work, parts work? Do you feel like you experienced dissociative symptoms?


Anxiety, Emotions & Communication in Relationships and Family Solar System

Our personal experiences are heavily emphasized in our relationships and connections with others. It reflects, like a flame, our upbringing, unconscious, and interior spheres of identities, values, and pursuits. We all want to feel connected and to be a part of something. We want to go into the depths of who we are and be pushed into other parts of ourselves through our connections. Every one of us has a story that influences the strength of those connections.


Are you in a new or long-term relationship? Have you or your partner been experiencing emotional distress, preoccupied with fears, and questioning your worth? Are you avoiding bringing up topics that matter to you? Are you looking to expand your relationship and foster better communication? Are dealing with relational dynamics within the family tree?

Let's explore emotional and relational intelligence!


Therapists Cornerstone

Therapists Cornerstone

Did you know that 4 % of the community's psychologists, counselors, and psychotherapists are BIPOC? Are you a counselor or psychotherapist dealing with personal issues? Is it starting to affect your professional work? Therapy for the therapist is focused on providing a personal cornerstone to help you work through personal issues and consult on your professional day-to-day? There is a limited amount of peer and clinical supervision available.